Behind the Art: Air Jordan 1 “Homage to Home” - Time Lapse Speed Drawing Story

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My Thoughts

Homage to home was titled by a chosen fan in the comments. Classic Jordan 1 Chicago with the Jordan 1 bred. I took my time with as much detail as possible with these 2 shoes, capturing even the little nicked loose lints that gives it more realism look. Different shades of black, different shades of red will determine how much depth and details will show. I decided to leave the background plain white to make the realism pop out more and exclude any distractions from the background.

Background of the Inspiration

Today’s sneaker art clip pays homage to the city that Michael Jordan spent majority of his NBA career in, Chicago. Crowned Artist has masterfully illustrated two of the most iconic colorways to ever bless the Air Jordan 1, the ‘Chicago’ Red and White color scheme and the ‘Banned’ 1s, also referred to as the Jordan 1 ‘Bred’, Red and Black pattern. This art post is not based on either sneaker directly, but rather exhibits the rich history behind the Air Jordan 1 ‘Homage to Home’ sneaker. The AJ1‘Homage to Home’ is made of both of the aforementioned retro sneakers. Split down the middle from the tongue to the toe box and all the way down to the heel, the ‘Chicago’ and ‘Banned’ 1s merge together lengthwise to become one. This union then creates one of the most inspired creations we have ever seen from the Jordan Brand. The Juxtaposition of the two sneakers in this beautiful hand sketch depicts a Jordan Yin Yang that perfectly reflects the direct correlation between Michael Jordan’s success in the NBA and the success of the Jordan Brand.

 The promise that was Air Jordan – from Nike’s gamble on a 21-year-old rookie from North Carolina, to the famous ball and wing logo, to the prohibited basketball sneakers – all culminated at Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis, Indiana at the 1985 NBA All-Star weekend. This was Michael Jordan’s first All-Star weekend in which he proudly represented the Bulls and the entire city of Chicago both in the Slam Dunk Contest and All-Star game. He did so in his signature Nike Air Jordan sneakers. The shoes were so distinguished from just about everything else on the market that the then NBA Commissioner, David Stern, fined Michael $5000 every time he wore the shoes claiming they violated the league’s uniform policy. Nike graciously paid the fines as the controversy behind the sneakers served as great marketing. Although the retail release of the Air Jordan 1 was still months away, the 1985 All-Star weekend provided Jordan and Nike a platform to showcase their new shoe giving future consumers a first look of what was to come. 

 On Saturday, at the Slam Dunk Contest, Jordan matched the league-banned Red and Black colorway of the Air Jordan 1 with his Chicago Bull’s Red colored road uniform. He was the only participant to score a perfect 50 for his iconic dunk from the free throw line. Though he would ultimately finish second, the Air Jordan Banned 1s were in full display flying and soaring through the air. The following day at the All-Star game, Jordan laced the ‘Chicago’ Red and White version of the Jordan 1 sneaker. Scoring only seven points, the rookie Jordan still managed to stand out by being a starter. Moreover, only a week away from his 22nd birthday, it was very clear that Michael Jordan and his signature shoe by connection were the future. The Air Jordan 'Chicago' and 'Banned' 1s epitomize MJ, the Bulls and Chicago. If you are a die-hard sneaker head or a Jordan aficionado, or simply from the Chi, this is one drawing you are definitely going to want in your collection. 


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