Behind the Art: Blue BMW - Time Lapse Speed Drawing Story

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My Thoughts

This customer request is for a blue BMW. I’ve always enjoyed drawing cars because of its crazy details compared to drawing sneakers. The hardest part and the most challenging part of the car are the wheels. It takes a lot of time getting the details correctly especially getting the proportions right. Primarily, I used different shades of blue and a lot of dark tones of black and gray. I always get excited when I get requests for sports cars and luxury cars when drawing this BMW was a great experience. I didn’t add a background although I added grass to make a foreground therefore making it more pop out and slightly realistic.

Background of the Inspiration

Thunderous exhaust notes, squealing tires, and a driving fee unlike any other…  these are just a few of the characteristics that define a BMW M (“M” for “motorsport”) Car. The BMW M, officially BMW M GmbH, is the performance-tuning arm of the BMW brand. Established in May of 1972, the unit was to facilitate the company’s racing program. Throughout the 70s, BMW M developed some of the most sought-out performance vehicles of the decade as the program dominated various European Tour Car championships. Towards the later half of the decade it was well known that the BMW M crew knew a thing or two about producing championship pedigree vehicles. 

BMW M would eventually be given the opportunity to develop road cars as a means to supplement the company’s road car portfolio with a unique selection of “enhanced” models. The first car to sport the coveted “M” badge came in the shape of the BMW M1 E26. Unveiled at the 1978 Pairs motor show, mid engine coupé sported a 6-cylinder engine tuned to reach speeds of 165mph. Though impressive, the M1 was ultimately still in fact more racecar than daily driver. This detail would be amended the second time around the following year with the BMW M535i, a performance modified version of the already popular four door 5-series model. This M5 however, sported a 215bhp engine, incorporated racing seats, bigger brakes, and had limited-slip differential. Needless to say, the M5 was a huge hit and the rest as they say was history. For the last 40+ years the BMW M division has offered modified versions of nearly every BMW nameplate i.e. BMW M2, M3, M5 etc. and has since become a fundamental part of BMW’s success.

Two things can said about M models, 1) they are loud and 2) they are all true works of art. Similarly, these details can also be used to describe today’s auto drawing art post. This car drawing is the coupé alternative to a Blue BMW M3 F80 officially known as the BMW M4 F82. Masterfully crafted for a custom request, the illustration perfectly captures the bodylines and front fascia details that give the M4 F82 it’s bold and powerful looks. Add the use of dark tones combined with different sleek shades of blue and black and you’ve got a car sketch that demands attention. For young artists looking to learn how to draw a realistic car, pay attention to the artist’s use of a grassy foreground rather than a background to make the car pop and appear all the more realistic. This drawing like the BMW M4 it portrays is a true work of art.

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