Behind the Art: F-22 Raptor Jet Art - Time Lapse Speed Drawing Story

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My Thoughts

This was my first time drawing a jet. It’s not any different from drawing a car such as Lamborghini's BMW stead of done in the past. Unlike drawing cars that have shadows or grass on the bottom, The jet on the other hand is in the air during flight and therefore cannot add any shadows on the bottom. The original picture of the jet was more of a gray tone colors however I used more of the green light green and dark green colors to make it more of an army vibe to it.

Background of the Inspiration

Today’s art post exhibits something new for our Crowned Artist. Up until now, we have drawn things of normal occasions; we have sketched shoes, vehicles and even a martial arts legend. But viewers of our site have challenged us to illustrate something you just don’t see everyday. In response we present this hand drawn U.S. F-22 Raptor. Comprised of faded metal and silver tones contrasted with muted earthy greens and browns, this fighter jet is beautifully camouflaged referring to its military dominance and background. The tactical fighter’s low observance tech, contemporary avionics, and effective engines make this jet an unmatched U.S. military aircraft. This F-22 art clip perfectly emphasizes the Raptor’s stealth, agility and range thereby embodying the jet’s original purpose, air superiority. 

The F-22 Raptor plane is a 5 th  generation fighter in U.S. Air Force offering lethal combat capabilities through its use covert speed and maneuverability. The original jet prototypes (YF-22 and Y-23) completed their first flights in late 1990 but it was the YF-22 that would be further developed in 1991 by aerospace companies Lockheed Martian/Boeing (airframe) and Pratt & Whitney (engines) via partnership. This enhanced model dubbed “Raptor” was to replace the old F-15 fighter. The decision to proceed with low-rate initial production (LRIP) of the new jet was approved in 2001. Initial operation test and evaluations endured from April 2004 to February 2005. Due to its multi-mission abilities in both ground and aerial combat, the aircrafts designation was changed to “F/A-22” in September 2002 but would later be renamed the “F-22A” in December 2005. The F-22 Raptor Jet would finally achieve full operational status in December 2007. 

Considered by many as the greatest tactical fighter ever built, the F-22 Raptor is an essential component in the U.S. Global Strike Task Force, designed to project air superiority and dominance. The F-22 Raptor, integrated sensor awareness, avionics and weapons provides the jet first strike opportunities against any threat before even being detected. In addition, the F-22’s dual engines produce more thrust than any other current fighter. The Raptor’s sleek aerodynamic design propels the aircraft to cruise at supersonic speeds without the use of fuel draining afterburner essentially outmatching any other known or anticipated fighter jet. Support the mission at hand with his impressive and highly lethal work of art.

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