About Me

“You should draw sneakers and post it  on Facebook,”my friend said. 

I nodded… but ignored him. I was busy in front of my old 2010 Macbook fixing my resume to apply for a position at a fast food restaurant.

I remember leaving the apartment hoping to make a good first impression to get the job. I was just a 20 year old college student with no experience, no skills, with a tie and a wrinkled dress shirt. I didn’t know how to iron my clothes. All I knew was that I could draw. And not just draw… draw really well. But anyways, what does that do for them? 

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the job. But fortunately, I got started with my art and took my friend’s advice and went ahead to draw my first sneaker art “Jordan 1 Shattered Backboard.” I posted it on a sneaker Facebook group with no idea of what was going to happen next. On that same day, I remember replying to everyone for hours and hours!!! Sunup to sundown!!! They absolutely loved it! I learned that the sneaker community has so much love and support. I now also do any commission request such as cars, animals/pets, etc.

Today, I’m so grateful to reach people across United States, Canada, United Kingdom, European countries, Australia, India, Philippines, etc. Hoping to grow even bigger for everyone to see my work! My name is Cloud Crelencia, also known as Crowned Artist.

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